The Ordered Home, LLC


Are We a Good Fit?

The type of client I work with is the busy homemaker or professional who either doesn’t have the time, interest or knowledge in organizing themselves and needs my services to keep their home organized, efficient and clutter free.

I am also trained to work with those who are Situationally Disorganized. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and for a time or a season, a formally organized space can become disorganized. Some examples of Situational Disorganization are moving, getting married, having a child, receiving a diagnosis, adjusting to new employment, etc.

It’s important to note there is another type of disorganization, Chronic Disorganization. This type of client is best served when working with a specially trained Professional Organizer, with the credentials CPO-CD (Certified Professional Organizer in the Chronically Disorganized).

Please visit to find an organizer with this type of training.